The girls

My two little Person Dolls…

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Lydia Crosswaithe

Got my new girl a little while ago…she came knocking, and Miss Page went to the door to see who it was…..her cousin had arrived!

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Hello Wordpress!

Just moved my doll blog here…hope to post more often now….!!

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Finally…a post!

I have COMPLETELY neglected this poor little blog….and feel the need to post a few pics of little Miss Victoria Page, my Secretdoll Person 08.

Here she is:

Motoring 015 (Large)

Motoring 012 (Large)

Miss page nightstand 014 (Large)

Miss p ailing 021 (Large)

Cold c (Large)
1p (Custom)

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Impulse purchase….oh dear

Well I've been so frustrated surfing around for a new dolly to satisfy my obsessive urges, and then I saw a pic posted by Secretdoll among my flickr contacts, of a new line of bjd's they've just put up for sale. That was IT! They're calling them "Picturedolls", and she is "person 08". There will only be 30 of each doll made. Anyway, I fell head over heels, she was exactly what I've been hoping to find…so I ordered her immediately, but she won't ship til mid-August…


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Yardley’s Latest

Tiny Mini Riz has a name…Yardley. And I cannot find a wig to fit, so I made one, and then I tried a tiny hat I had knitted for one of my Momoko dolls, and it almost looks like a wig with pigtails. So far I like it the best.





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Waiting for Hair

I am so in love with this mini Riz from Planetdoll…but she is still hairless, and eyeless (only some crummy acrylic ones as of yet). I ordered a wig that didn't fit, sent it back and ordered another. So we wait. I decided to take some nudie pics of her. She has this little dancer's body that is so great for posing, such great posture.I did a bit of body blushing as well…

Simp 003 (Large)

Simp 006 (Large)

Simp 009 (Large)

Simp 011 (Large)

Simp 017 (Large)

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